About Premiere Paddle Surf

About Premiere Paddle Surf

Pure Passion. Premiere was born out of pure passion for SUP.

I imagined a clothing line that would be authentic, created by paddleboarders for paddleboarders. I imagined the line with images on tops and shorts and hats reflecting the art and soul of SUP … the vibe of the sport.

We set out to find authentic images and create a brand to match the SUP sensibility. And so, we poured over old photos at the local library and the Surfing Heritage Museum in San Clemente, CA to discover the history of this sport.

We learned that it’s a culture originating in Polynesia going back possibly more than a century to the South Pacific and the days of Duke Kahanamoku in Hawaii. The first recorded history of paddleboarding was at Waikiki Beach in the early 1900s when “Beach Boys” surfed on long wooden planks with paddles in hand.

We then found old photos and images in vaults, archives owned by the Duke and other early watermen and estates around the world that would ultimately become the inspiration for our ‘sepia’ collection of T- shirts.

Modern day images that we see every time we’re on the water … back lit paddlers on their boards became the inspiration for the silhouettes and the outline collection. We are ever evolving.

As life evolves so does the passion for things you love and stand up paddling was the turn that my whole family – my wife and kids – could share. Even the dog enjoys an occasional ride on my paddleboard. So the idea of creating a clothing line designed for people who love the water whether the ocean or a lake and stand up paddling as much as I do is my dream come true.

Wherever you are – near a lake, a calm river or exhilarating river rapid, in a harbor or out in the surf – there is nothing like the feeling you get on a stand up paddleboard. It’s tranquil to be standing on calm water with only a board under your feet. Join us, join our community and come along for the ride.

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